[Ubuntu] fix plymouthd splash load boot error

We sometimes struggle to keep up with all the things that are constantly evolving, so I like how Ubuntu still gives us reassurances that some important features are cemented in its core, such as the plymouthd boot splash error: "plymouthd could not load boot splash: could not access needed shared library".

Just update the kernel and you might be the lucky winner that gets stuck at boot.

The fix is easy and fast enough though. The immediate thing you can try is to edit the boot options when GRUB presents you the list of boot choices:
  1. select the Ubuntu line corresponding to the kernel you want to boot and press the e key
  2. find the line where the ro quiet splash parameters are set (unless you have already changed them in the past), but then you know which line I'm talking about anyway ;)
  3. remove the splash parameter
  4. add at the end of the line: gfxpayload=keep
  5. press F10 to boot