[VBA] Excel open popup from macro

As usual when dealing with business users, you'll find yourself tinkering with Excel files which could include macros.

As usual when business users try their hands at this newfangled tech stuff, they will end up putting in a minuscule yet showstopping mistake you need to spot.

Although the VBA debugger is actually pretty good, sometimes the error is just stemming from a wrong value being inserted in a cell. In this case, it's just faster to simply display the value(s) in a popup window and then searhing for the offending cell in the spreadsheet.

The MsgBox function alongside with the CStr one will become your new best friends here:

MsgBox ("I am putting this value " & CStr(your_value) & " but maybe it is wrong")

Where & is used to concatenate strings and your_value can be a variable or an expression within the macro you're debugging.