[TIBCO] BusinessWorks 6 Compress Plugin for ZIP

UPDATE: check latest version 1.2.0.FINAL here

Happy to announce the availability of the 1.0.0.FINAL version of the TIBCO BW6 Compress palette. It includes Zip and Unzip activities. This is developed in my free time and it's not endorsed, verified or supported by TIBCO in any way (yet?).

It uses Apache Common Compress library 1.8.1 with no modifications and it's packaged within the plugin.

[PostgreSQL] Post install error "Password authentication failed for user" when connecting to DB

So you decided that MySQL isn't to your liking and since the other alternatives aren't free enough, you tried out PostgreSQL. Freshly after your installation, you happily try to connect to your DB either via command line (\q guys.. \q seriously?) or pgAdmin, but are baffled when this message appears on screen:

FATAL:  Password authentication failed for user "Administrator"

because you did not remember creating a user during installation, and the only password you were asked to define isn't working.

The solution? Try to connect as postgres user:

psql -U postgres

If it's still not working, check under postgresql.conf if the listen_addresses parameter is specifying a correct and reachable address.

[SQL] Oracle subquery in join statement

In Oracle, it's possible to use sub queries in a join statement by giving an alias to the subquery and joining on that alias:

SELECT a.column1, a.column2, c.column3
SELECT b.column1, b.column2, b.column3
) c
ON (a.column1 = c.column1 AND a.column2 = c.column2)

Obviously you would never write a SIMPLE query EXACTLY as the example above, it's just to show the mechanics when you actually need to create a slightly more complex one


[OSGi] Spring error Unable to locate Spring NamespaceHandler for XML schema namespace

You're working with OSGi because it's flexible, you like components, and so on, and you also like Spring because you love writing XMLs instead of Java code.

You think it would be a good idea if you could join these technologies but reading is so boring, plus since both use some config files you just need to mash them together and you should be good with your Sprosgienstein creation. But then you realize that some small differences for example in classpath handling and dependency management are making your life difficult.

A common error you might get is: "Unable to locate Spring NamespaceHandler for XML schema namespace XXX"