[Java] Find free port

Getting the number of an unused port on the system via Java 7 is as easy as:

import java.net.ServerSocket;

public static int findFreePort(){
int port = 0;
try(ServerSocket server = new ServerSocket(0);){
port = server.getLocalPort();
}catch(Exception e){
System.err.println("unable to find a free port");
return null;
return port;

We do not need to call a server.close() since Java 7 does that automatically for us as we used the new try-catch block with resources declaration


[Java] Access MySQL with Hibernate

In this post we will give a fair example on how to access a MySQL database via Hibernate in Java.
For this example we will be using MySQL server 5.5, Hibernate 3.3 and the Eclipse IDE.


ECF remote OSGi DS Declarative Services example

In this post we will give a fair example of the workings of the OSGi DS Declarative Services remoted with ECF.

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