Zurich Street Food Festival

Where the difference between a Peruvian burger and a Taiwanese burger is just in the chef's skin colour.

PS: bonus points if you use tweezers to prepare a hot dog

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[Sheet Music] Garry Schyman - Trip the light

Download it here

The original version sent by none others than the actual Garry!

[TOAD] Oracle explain plan error looping chain of synonyms - fix

TOAD is a powerful client for Oracle DB, although I have to admit SQLDeveloper is not that bad either (and it's also free).

Sometimes while trying to get an explain plan, the error "ORA-01775 - looping chain of synonyms" might occur.

The fix is quite easy: from the options menu go to the Oracle - General section and find the Table field. The value there should be PLAN_TABLE rather than TOAD_PLAN_TABLE.

Save settings, restart TOAD and you're set


Schweizer klettern

Finally we got some sun here in the land of chocolate!

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Zurifest, destroy der Schweiz

Ahhh Zurifest.. where people marry and then destroy the city

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