[TIBCO Spotfire] OSI PI data source template

Here is a sample connection template to add OSI PI as Data Source in the Spotfire Server:

 <!-- WARNING!!!! Old PI JDBC driver versions have .NET dependencies (RDSAWrapper.dll) - https://techsupport.osisoft.com/Troubleshooting/KB/KB00494 -->  
 <!-- SQLDASServer is the OSI component we should connect to, PIServer is the name of the PI Server we want to access AS REGISTERED ON THE DAS server -->  
 <connection-url-pattern>jdbc:pisql://SQLDASServer/Data Source=PIServer;Integrated Security=SSPI</connection-url-pattern>  
 <!-- to use PI authentication instead of Windows Integrated Authentication, use this url:  
 <connection-url-pattern>jdbc:pisql://SQLDASServer/Data Source=PIServer;User ID=Username;Password=Password</connection-url-pattern>  

NOTE: Depending on your connection needs (using Windows Integrated Authentication OR Username/Password), you need to change the connection url pattern accordingly. This means that you CANNOT leave both connection-url-pattern sections from the sample above when you add the template, BUT nonetheless, the user CAN change the connection URL to either one of those values as per his needs when he sets up the connection

Remember to read the Spotfire documentation (chapter 11.5) on how to set it up correctly!

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