How to contact Facebook or delete your account

Contacting Facebook can really be a pain, but definitely deleting your account is even harder. Since they rely on your data to survive, they will hang on to it as long as possible.

Luckily, Mary Smith gathered all possible ways to contact Facebook and receive support. Feature requests, suggestions, bug reports and account deletion can all be found there.

You can even request Facebook to send you a CD copy of all the data they have about you accordingly with your country's privacy laws.

By the way, good luck at getting Facebook to reply to you, especially with the data request. If they don't answer, insist since they MUST satisfy your request within a limited time.

UPDATE: An anonymous user pointed out that more information about that is available at  webmarketing-conseil.


  1. I dont know if my first comment worked. so i was just saying that there are additional ways to contact facebook here : http://www.webmarketing-conseil.fr/blog/1-derniers-articles-webmarketing/213-how-to-contact-facebook.html
    Hope this helps

    1. Cheers, thanks for the tip, I'll update the post to include it


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