[Windows] Blood Bowl 2 offline league manager

If you are a fan of Blood Bowl and purchased either Blood Bowl 2 or Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition on PC, you might be - as many others - extremely disappointed at the lack of an offline (hotseat) league option.

This command line tool provides capability to edit - AT YOUR OWN RISK - the SQLite database where team and player information is stored so that, with a bit of paper tracking, you can update the stats after a friendly match.

This tool is not a cheat/trainer!, it only allows you to edit offline team data, much like the "Custom team" feature of the Legendary Edition, except that feature is only usable at team creation.
This tool is based on the rules found in the Blood Bowl Living Rulebook version 6 and might NOT reflect the actual rules implemented in the game - yet, since I saw some rule tables in the DB, and need to investigate further there..

This tool is an alpha version!, it works without hiccups - but its a barebone tool with some open todos and limitations and the user experience can be further improved, but it works as a starting point if you, like me, crave this feature! :)

You can find the BBManager project on my GitHub and download the compiled jar as well.

Please refer to the project README to find out how to use the tool.

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