[TIBCO] BusinessWorks 6 Compress Plugin for TAR and GZ

Happy to announce the availability of the 1.2.0.FINAL version of the TIBCO BW6 Compress palette. It supports ZIP, GZ and TAR formatsThis is developed in my free time and it's not endorsed, verified or supported by TIBCO in any way (yet?).

It uses Apache Common Compress library 1.9 with no modifications and it's packaged within the plugin.

Online docs are (temporarily) available at: http://digilander.libero.it/otacoconvention/archivi/TIBCO_BW6_Compress_plugin_doc/index.html and can also be accessed from BusinessStudio by selecting the activity and pressing F1 (requires internet connection).

I would urge anyone wanting to try this to take all necessary precautions even though the version number says FINAL

Check GitHub https://github.com/steghio/TIBCO_BW6_Compress_Plugin/
for the source code, sample project, Eclipse (BW6) installer. If you want to manipulate it, READ THE GUIDE first.

History: first release 1.0.0.FINAL

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